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Kids Health and Nutrition

Clare Image OriginalIn our modern society where convenience foods are easily available, demands on working parentsare higher and constraints on family time and budgets are ever more squeezed, it is easy to neglect diet and nutrition. These are so important to all of us, but for children who are still growing, developing, learning and having to cope with the increasing demands of an academic curriculum these are essential. Today your children are striving to achieve high grades to ensure their place in the classroom hierarchy and to secure the grades they need to secure university or employment opportunities.

It’s time we looked at how we can assist them in this challenge. * With thanks to Susan Taylor from Isle Lose it Fitness for her knowledge on health and nutrition and for her permission to share this with you. Sue has been instrumental in our own health journey and I would recommend her services to any of you wanting to consider improving your own/ your families’ health and fitness further. http://isleloseit.com

1) *Diet – This has long been researched but in our modern, quick paced society with working parents and processed food, children are consuming more E numbers and additives leading to reduced concentration. We ourselves have had to review our diet and nutrition recently. Freshly prepared dishes with quality meat as well as fresh fruit and vegetables will result in much better concentration.

2) *Much research has been carried out into the benefits of fish oil for both adults and children. A good quality pharmaceutical quality fish oil is great for brain health, immune system and heart health.

Fish oil– This is NOT cod liver oil Thanks to Omega 3 fish oil, being healthy has never been easier. In addition to other benefits, Omega 3 fish oil helps us to take care of our bodies, our minds and our hearts. What exactly is fish oil? Omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential fatty acids that our body needs in order to function properly. However, our bodies cannot get any Omega 3 unless we get enough of it through a good healthy dietand this is almost impossible without the help of a supplement.

The wonder fish oils – introducing EPA AND DHA What makes these fish oils so special? Well both EPA and DHA are normal constituents of our cells. They are especially abundant in our brain cells (yes, even yours!), nerve stations and visual receptors (retinas). EPA and DHA come from cold water fish. Fish oil is awesome for brain health and studies have shown it to have amazing effects on concentration levels in children. Sue recommends the Eskimo-3 Little Cubs for children up to 12 years of age. It combines natural fish oil with natural plant oils providing a fab balance of omega 3, 6 and 9. Should you wish to order fish oil for yourself or your children we are able to order this through Sue. Please contact us.

3) Vitamin Supplements – Other supplements to consider for children are Vitamin C and Zinc. This ensures a strong immune system. Long periods of illness and absence from school can be detrimental to a child’s learning journey as catching up on missed learning can be very difficult when the curriculum has moved on.

4) *Water – We all know how important water is for health and concentration but many adults and children do not drinkenough. Ensure your children drink plenty of clean, fresh filtered or bottled water to ensure excellent concentration and continued good health. Our body is 75% water and this is vital to the functioning of many of its internal systems.

If your child needs additional learning support to assist them in achieving their learning potential please contact us to discuss our range of learning programmes and how we can help your child achieve their learning goals.

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