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The Beast Of The Mad House

One day the birds were singing, trees were rustling, everything was calm. Suddenly there was a scream, the whole streets were filled with all the horrible things in the world, Spiders (running through the street), Zombies (grumbling at everything they saw) and white ghosts (floating in every corner,) all pointing to one thing the ‘Mad House!’Image I ,a normal boy who just finished primary school, and was just coming out of the cinemas with my mum and dad, tilted my head and I saw my worst nightmare running at me…

Arr… Where am I? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE STREET! It has collapsed in itself. “Hello! hello! anyone there?” said a voice from in the smoke, “Where are you, what are you?” I replied. “There you are, I am Ben who are you and did you live here?” Answerd Ben. “Yes I did live here, my name is Henry and where are we?” I questioned Ben, “I was going to say the same thing… Come over here I think you might want to see this!” He shouted. “Oh… that is why the street was getting attacked, and destroyed! A BLACK HOLE AND A MONSTER SPAWNER!!!” I screamed! “What?!?!” He said confused. “It is just like Minecraft a block game it has monster spawners in it, they are dangerous! We need to get out of here and quick! The two boys ran for miles and miles, jumping from floating islands to other floating islands… Then suddenly when they made camp in a hole in a big stone they made shelter, and found that they broke into a dungon with a tonne of zombies in it. And once again they ran and ran and found a tree Henry said we can make tools out of this…

10 years later…

“We can’t keep on running away like this I am getting even more scared every time i go outside!” said Ben, “I agree with you we need to beat this evil once and for all! I always wanted to say that”


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