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5 Sentence Challenge – by Joshua Ogg

Lucy and Amy went fishing and Amy caught a big fish. It was bigger than Lucy. Some people were going to the church to pray to God. It was in the afternoon, and Lucy and Amy’s mum came to get them for their dinner. They said “can we go back out after dinner?” and Amy and Lucy’s mum said yes.


3 Responses

  1. Hello Joshua!
    These sentences have told me a super story. You have used your imagination well and really looked carefully at the picture. It is super to see you work being shared on 5SC!

  2. What a lovely story! I really like how you compared the size of the fish to Lucy- it gave the reader an image of how big it was. Very smart writing : o )

    Mrs.Goins in Texas

  3. Fantasic way of of telling a interesting story by introducing different characters throughout. Great comparrison of the size of the fish to Lucy as it helped me to build an image of how big the fish really was. Good use of puncuation to bring the story to life however I would have loved to know more about the church therefore you could have added a few more adjectives to describe it 🙂

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