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Parents ‘more involved in children’s schools’

Parents ‘more involved in children’s schools’

BBC |May 5, 2012

By Katherine Sellgren BBC News, NAHT conference in Harrogate

Parents believe they are more involved in their children’s education than their own parents were – and that children now have more opportunities in school, suggests a survey.

The survey for the National Association of Head Teachers looked at how parents viewed their children’s schooling.

Almost three quarters believed they were more engaged with their children’s school than the previous generation.

Head teachers’ leader Russell Hobby said the results were“heartening”.

Mr Hobby said the poll of over 1,000 parents in England, Wales and Northern Ireland suggested the schools were “welcoming places”.

‘Part of community’

The survey found that 71% of parents believed that they were more involved in their children’s school than their parents had been during their school days.

Comparing standards, 86% of respondents agreed with the statement that their child could read as well as they could at the age of 11 and 37% thought their child could read better.

The survey also found parents were encouraged to take part in their children’s schooling.

Of those surveyed, 93% said they were made to feel welcome at schools and 89% felt they were made to feel part of the school community.

Nine out of 10 were impressed by the behaviour of pupils at the school and 52% thought the school was good at building up their children’s self-confidence, while 25% said the school was outstanding in this area.

Over half (54%) thought the school was good at providing moral guidance, while 23% rated the school as outstanding.

The poll found 81% had read a school inspection report, but 51% thought the reports did not tell the whole story about a school.

The poll also suggests parents are happy with standards at their children’s school, with 85% saying their children’s school offered good or outstanding quality of teaching.

‘Respect and trust’

NAHT general secretary Russell Hobby said: “This feedback shows that schools retain the respect and trust of the communities they serve.

“It’s also heartening to see that families feel schools are welcoming places which are also well disciplined, aware of their moral responsibilities and ambitious for their children.

“Parents know what they want from a good school and it seems most of them are getting it, which is something to celebrate.

“Helping schools to build on what they are getting right and helping them develop areas where they could do better is ultimately what will secure an education system that gets the best from every pupil.”

The survey of 1,010 parents of children aged between five and 13 was carried out in April.


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