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How To Improve Concentration

Improving Concentration


Clare Image OriginalSo 2014 is here…. How are the kids doing at school? Achieving high grades? Reaching their potential? A few students are able to achieve with the support of school and home but more and more parents are seeing the benefits of professional tuition by qualified teachers to support their children in this vital stage in life. Education is the key to unlocking so many opportunities in life. In my 15 years in the profession I have seen many children succeed; for some learning has come easily but for many others the demands of the modern curriculum and a change in British culture have left them struggling. Time and time again I hear parents say their child lacks concentration and struggles to remember information; whilst I have not found a single solution for this problem there are many suggestions I can offer for you to consider:

1) Keep TV and games consoles, iPads and phones etc to a minimum. Have set times with a limit and ensure this does not occur too close to bedtime. These kind of activities stop the brain from switching off, causing sleep problems.

2) Sleep is essential to knowledge being processed and retained. Children need a set bedtime and must get sufficient sleep to a) be able to concentrate in class and b) be able to process new material and transfer it to long term memory. Make bedtime part of a relaxing routine and include bathtime and reading in this.

3) Reading is a vital key to learning. Start them young, read to children, encourage audio books. Make reading a leisure activity. This is the most productive way you can actively develop your child’s learning. Do not let this slide in upper Key Stage 2 or into Key Stages 3 or 4. I strongly believe this is the single most important key and makes the difference between mediocre and exceptional grades. I know one family who have an hour on a Sunday afternoon where the whole family read their own book – Great Idea!

4) Many traditional games, puzzles and board games (Connect 4, Chess, I spy, 20 Questions) develop key skills in memory and problem solving strategies; these have been lost in many modern households and should be resurrected.

5) Diet and Nutrition can play a key part in improving concentration. This is the subject of our next blog. Please look out for this next week; there will be some expert advice in here as we have teamed up with fitness and nutrition expert Susan Taylor from Isle Lose It. www.isleloseit.com If your child needs additional learning support to assist them in achieving their learning potential please contact us to discuss our range of learning programmes and how we can help your child achieve their learning goals.



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