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What We Do

The Kip McGrath Scunthorpe English, Maths and Science Tutoring Programmes are designed for:

  • Primary and Secondary children who are falling behind in Numeracy, Literacy or Science
  • Children who lack confidence in Numeracy, Literacy or Science
  • Children with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia
  • Children who are ahead of their peers educationally in Maths, English or Science and need to be extended
  • Secondary School students who need extra tuition and guidance in study techniques and exam preparation in GCSEs and A’ Levels
  • Students wishing to pass the 11 Plus and other entrance exams: this includes an Intelligence Development Programme designed to develop thinking skills, and strengthen auditory and visual memory
  • Children for whom English is a second language

Taking The Next Step

If you are concerned about your child’s performance at school or if you feel that they are not being stretched and want to ensure a brighter future for them through education please contact us on 01724 853935 or email us with your concerns.  We gain great pleasure from teaching our students using the Kip McGrath tutoring method which has a 30 year proven track record.  Because we provide individual tuition programmes for our students we are able to ensure that every one of of them grows in confidence and achieves their full academic potential.   Please see our FAQs page for the answers to any other questions that you may have or go to our contact details in order to discuss your concerns further or book an assessment.

  • We will provide a FREE educational assessment of your child’s level in English and Maths (this may take approximately an hour including the feedback)
  • We will discuss the results in full with you, including any areas of weakness and/or strength in Maths or English
  • For Science we will discuss your child’s needs and send a test paper home with them as it would take too long to both sit and mark the paper during the assessment
  • We will prepare an individual learning programme based on your child’s abilities
  • We work in conjunction with the English National Curriculum
  • Your child will usually attend for one 80 minute session per week after school or on Saturdays
  • There is no set length of tuition programme. If, for any reason, you decide you are no longer able to continue, all we ask for is a week’s notice
  • You do not pay for official school holidays, although we do offer Summer School lessons and optional extra GCSE tuition during some of the other holidays
  • If you are unable to attend your normal session due to illness, holidays, etc, we ask you to pay for the lesson when you return but we offer make up lessons so that you get all the lessons that you have paid for

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